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2019 Election: I choose To Be Wise

Campaign for 2019 election is already in full swing #fact Nigerians are already pitching their tent, for and against. I have also watched with keen interest what are being debated on daily basis #NoSubstance. They are just frivolities which change nothing.

Election time: Be Wise

It is still what it is ”peculiar mess” #penkelemess. It is the same people, the same set of politicians being recycled all over and over again. Nothing new is going to happen until politics and governance is seen and understood to be service to the people, and not another business ventures #PAAS(PoliticsAsAService).

My advice, expect nothing from any political party or politicians; #Buhari or#Atiku#PDP or #APC. Decide what you want for yourself, chart the path and develop strategy to make your life better. Learn new things, relearn, and also unlearn. Create your own country, play your own politics and improve your personal economy. You have to take your destiny into your own hands.

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