Don’t Get Stuck In Lagos

Lagos is regarded as center of excellence and economic nerve center of the country. While Nigeria as a whole is mired in recession amid low oil prices and reduced output, Lagos remains a beacon of economic hope in an otherwise impoverished wilderness. The state has an economy bigger and better than most African countries, despite being one of the smallest states in the country by area though highly populated with about 20 million people. Unlike much of Nigeria, Lagos is not entirely dependent on oil: Manufacturing, transport, construction and retail are all substantial contributors to the state’s economy. Lagos also collects far more taxes than other states in Nigeria. Lagos generates more IGR than 31 states combined, and in 2017 it generated N503.7 billion in revenue. And on daily basis more people are trooping to Lagos to be part of the Largesse. Therefore, this constant flow of humans to the city has put high pressure on the limited amenities.

The craze to live and stay put in Lagos is real. Many are living in abject poverty and squalor. One of Lagos’s biggest problems is accommodating its massive, and growing, population with decent infrastructure. Transport, in particular, poses a huge problem: Lagos consists of a series of islands connected by a handful of bridges, and with 93 percent of passengers and goods being transported by road, the roadways are often severely congested. Many people are just stuck in Lagos, that golden fleece they so much desire is no where to be found. They have so much hope coming to Lagos but such hope has faded away with speedy alacrity.

If Lagos is not happening for you. Why don’t you just opt out, explore other states and cities. This is very important and many people are missing the clue in this regard. Investment and financial opportunities are bound in other part of this country but many people are blinded by the resolve to remain despite the fact that is not happening for them.

So don’t get stuck!

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